You can set each individual question in your project as a “Quiz” question.

Setting a question as a “Quiz” or “Trivia” question gives you the ability to specify which answer(s) are correct.

It also allows you to add additional text to display after the respondent submitted their answer.

Pinnions Button

To set a question as a “Quiz” question:

  • Go to the “Questions” screen for your project.

  • Select a question for which you wish to activate the “Quiz” features from the questions column.
  • In the center pane at the top click on the Gear icon, and select “This is a Quiz Question”.

Pinnion Quiz Advanced settings

  • As shown below, this will expand several new fields for the question.

Pinnion Quiz Settings

  • Type the text you want displayed on the answer screen in the “Trivia Fact” box.
  • Repeat this step for each “Quiz” question in your project.