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Pinnion is flexible and easily integrated into your project.

  • API and Sample Code

    Use the Pinnion API to add structured communication to ANY device. Use our sample code to get you started embedding in your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone project.

  • Web-View

    Quickly and easily add Pinnion to your app as a web-View with little coding required.

  • White-Label Back-end

    Fully customize Pinnion’s authoring, distribution, and results environment. Brand it as your own or for your client.

  • Licensed Instances

    License and install the entire Pinnion back end in your data-center.

  • Other Integrations

    Integrate Pinnion into web apps, websites, custom software or hardware. Any device with some level of web or intranet connectivity can be enhanced with Pinnion.

Native integration within mobile device apps

Implement with Our API and sample code

or simply embed as a webview