Alternate Images

Setting up alternate images is pretty easy. Just mouse over the gear icon by the global section and select “Display alternate image”.

Then, a new picture box will appear beside the answers to all of your questions.

You can either click these boxes to add an alternate image to an answer, or leave them blank and they’ll be treated the same as normal. I’m going to add blank white boxes and boxes with checkmarks for my images and alt images.

Now when I preview my pinnion, the selected answer will have a checkmark by it.

That’s all there is to basic use of alternate images! However, note that in their current state the preview on the questions page won’t properly display alternate images. To see whether your alternate images are working just how you want, go to the send page and use the proper preview there.

It’s also worth noting that alternate images have a special interaction with Quiz questions. If you have a question marked as a quiz and at least one correct answer identified, when a user selects an answer the correct answers will be highlighted in green and their alternate image shown. You can look at this behavior in action with the pinnion below.