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No coding required, yet all the question types and sophisticated logic you need. We’ve made it easy to create great surveys, polls and quizzes fast.

  • Question Types You Need

    Open response — Open Text, Numeric, Email, and URL.
    Radio/Check Box — Perfect for long text strings.
    Image Selection — Choose one or more images, add captions for clearer descriptions.
    Picker — Single select that auto-adapts for mobile or web.
    Sliding Scale — Create multi-point scales with text and images.

  • The Logic You Expect

    Prerequisites — Show questions only when conditions are met.
    Skip Logic — Jump to specific questions based on logic.
    Piping — Use a prior answer as a question’s text.
    Option Piping – Create an answer set based on selections in a prior question.
    Weighting — Assign weights to each answer, then sum values to drive logic.

  • Other Authoring Features

    Question Order Rotation
    Answer Order Rotation
    Answer Set Library
    Question/Answer Images
    Custom Response Prompts
    Data Short Names
    Duplication of Questions or Surveys
    Test Distribution
    SMS Auto Generated Prompts
    Quiz Questions

Question Types