You can use the answer from a previous question in the text of another question using by ‘piping’ in a previous answer.

First, go to the questions page of a new Pinnion and make a quick question. I’m going to create a Keyboard question that asks the user for their name.

Next, make a new question. Mouse over the gear icon and check “Pipe previous answer into this question”.Questions Advanced Settings

A dropdown box will appear above your question text box. If you had other questions before this one, they’d appear as options to pipe in answers from.

Answer Piping Box

To actually use the text from a previous question, you need to type [PIPETEXT] exactly, including the brackets. When users see your question, [PIPETEXT] will be replaced with the answer from the previous question.

Answer Piping Box Filled

The user will see this, if they answer “Conner”. I asked about the user’s favorite fruit.

Answer Piping Replaced

You can pipe in answers from any question, not just keyboard questions. The example survey below includes another one.