Screen Grouping


Pinnion uses Screen Grouping to include multiple questions on the same screen.

First, go to the Questions page of your Pinnion.


Mouse-over the gear shaped icon at the top of the Question section. You’ll see a number of advanced settings for questions. The ones we’re interested in are at the bottom; Group Anchor and Group Member.

Questions Page Advanced Settings Highlighted

Select the first question you want to group, then mouse over the gear icon and select Group Anchor. Then, select the question immediately after your anchor and do the same thing, this time selecting Group Member. You should see a thicker border around the question you set as your anchor…

Group Anchor

And when you set the next question as a Group Member, the border will encompass both questions.

Grouped Questions

To create a second group, set another question as an anchor and then questions following it as members.

Two Groups

Each of these groups will appear in the Pinnion on their own pages. You can view the example Pinnion I created below.