Pinnion has a feature called “Kiosk Mode” that allows surveys to be taken more than once from a single device

To allow users to take a survey more than once from a device  “Kiosk Mode” must be enabled
To do this there are two steps.

Step One

Enabling “Kiosk Mode” on the back end:

Pinnions Button

    • On the “Send” screen for your survey, expand the additional options in the right hand pane


    • Expand the Kiosk mode settings


  • Check the box to enable Kiosk Mode



  • Click save



This enables repeated completion for the selected survey at the server end, but you must add the feature to one or more of the links to your survey before it will work.

Step Two

Adding Kiosk mode to your survey links is done by adding “&kiosk=1” to the link to your survey or the channel in which the survey will be viewed.

Adding the string to a SURVEY Link:
    • In the right hand pane on the “Send” screen there are several link types


  • select one and follow the examples for modification below



SURVEY Embed Code Example:

iframe src=”” width=”330″ height=”490″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden”\\a href=”” DEMO/a/iframe

(Notice there are two places the string must be added)

SURVEY Direct Link Example:
(this link can be created by adding the “&kiosk=1 string, or simply copying the link in the kiosk mode section)

Adding the string to a CHANNEL Link:

    • Navigate to the Channels tab


  • Open the channel you are using



  • Select the “Embed” section



    • Select the channel link you wish to use, and modify it by adding the string  “&kiosk=1” to the link as shown in the examples below


CHANNEL Embed Code Example:

iframe src=”” width=”330″ height=”490″ style=”border:none;background:#DDD” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>Pinnion: DEMO/iframe

CHANNEL Direct Link Example:

Repeat these steps for each of your Channels in which you would like one or more of the surveys to be retaken on a single device. This alone will not allow multiple responses from a single device. For each individual survey within your channel you can choose to enable Kiosk Mode, or chose to only allow a single complete.

WordPress Plugin Users

You can simply view the iframe in your WordPress dashboard, and make the changes there. In order to edit the link string you will need to select the “Text” view for the iframe where you can add the kiosk mode enabling string.