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What is Pinnion?

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Pinnion is:

  • A Survey, Customer Interaction, Quiz, and Audience Response authoring  platform.
  • A tool for panel management, creation and or growth, with advanced demographic sample selection capabilities.
  • Code free authoring technology for creating sophisticated projects with advanced logic features.
  • Designed with today’s devices in mind. Projects can be distributed via Email Invite, Web Embed, Web Landing Page, Mobile Web,  Apps, even SMS.
  • Adaptive technology that identifies  respondents’ device types and optimizes the experience for each device.
  • Easily themed in a rich interface, allowing clients to perfectly match surveys to their brand. Pinnion goes far beyond simply choosing a background color, or button colors.
  • Available as a cloud based service, or a fully licensed installation on your premises.

Can I use Pinnion in my app?

Yes. Pinnion can be easily integrated into your existing iOS , Android, or Windows phone app.

Please contact us  for more information on integrating Pinnion’s structured communication technology inside your apps.

We can assist you with native integration, and can provide sample code along with our API to quickly and easily get your developers started with the integration process.

Don’t have your own team of app developers just sitting around waiting to work on your app?

Maybe you don’t even have an app.

Talk to us about a Pinnion developed app fully branded and published as your own.

Can I have multiple people use my account?

Pinnion includes a full enterprise suite of features including unlimited users within a single account.

You can easily add users to your account and each user can be assigned the following:

  • Unique log-in credentials
  • A department within your organization (add as many departments as you like)
  • A leadership role over one or more departments
  • A unique set of access permissions (chose a predefined role or create your own)

Depending on the type of account you have this feature may or may not already be activated. Follow the steps below to determine if you currently have this feature available to you.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Determine if your account is already set up for multiple users.

If you have an “Admin” tab as shown above than you are ready to start adding users. If you do not, there are two possible reasons. Your account may need to have this feature activated, or you may have a restricted role within your account and your administrator may need to grant you access to add users to your account. If the feature is not active for your account contact us so we can assist you.

  • Select the “Users” sub selection under the “Admin” tab as shown above.
  • Click the “New User” button found at the top right of the screen.
  • Enter the User Profile information in the left pane of the “Add new user” screen.
  • On the right of the screen, select a role for the new user. (This will determine what they can do in the system. If an appropriate role does not already exist create and name a new one, then assign it to the new user.)
  • Assign the user to a department within your organization. This step is not required. if you do not have any departments you can create them in your organization settings.
  • Press the “Create User” button when you are finished.

Can I create a custom Pinnion app for my company?

Pinnion technology can easily be integrated into existing Apps, or used as the centerpiece for custom branded applications .

Pinnion is happy to work with you to create and publish an app just for your surveys and respondents.

That could involve any of the following:

  • Assisting your developers with the creation of a new app, or integration of Pinnion technology within your app. (native code allows full survey functions even when the device has no internet connection)
  • Assistance embedding Pinnion as a web-view within your existing app. (little coding involved, and Pinnion’s servers handle survey logic)
  • Development and publishing of a set of Apps on your behalf by Pinnion developers

Please contact us  for more information on integrating Pinnion’s structured communication technology inside your apps.

How do you work with my existing respondent lists?

Pinnion’s sample management tools allow you to use and or grow your existing respondent list(s)

You can import your respondents into Pinnion, and use our great quota-setting tools to tell Pinnion exactly who should see your survey.

Or you can send a link to a Pinnion to your existing lists.

Unique to Pinnion, you can publish your surveys to a custom Pinnion Channel, which always shows the active surveys for the respondents who are members of that channel.

For more information on Channels, click here.

Can I add Pinnion to any website?

Absolutely. We give you three different ways to incorporate Pinnion surveys onto your site:

  • An embed code, which lets you add a Pinnion to any web page as an iFrame.
  • A link, which takes your users to a dedicated web page that hosts your  survey.
  • A channel, which always shows the most recent surveys you’ve sent to that channel. For more about channels, visit the “Using Channels To Connect and Grow“.

How can I add an active Pinnion to one of my Channels?

Pinnions that are active can not be added to or removed from Channels.

To add a Pinnion that is currently active to a channel:

Pinnions Button

    • Go to the “Send” screen for the Pinnion you wish to add.

Pinnion Send tab

    • At the bottom right of the screen, click on the “Recall” button.
  • Confirm that you wish to recall the Pinnion. 
  • Navigate to the “Include” screen.

Pinnion Include tab

    • On the left side of the “Include” screen near the top, use the channel drop down to select one or more Channels. (Some limited feature accounts may simply have a list of the available Channels)
  • Make any additional distribution settings if they are available for your account type.
  • Return to the “Send” screen.

Pinnion Send tab

    • At the bottom right of the screen, click on the “Send” button.

Once a Pinnion is live can it be amended/updated? (Recalling Surveys)

A live Pinnion CAN be altered, but there are some caveats.

Pinnions Button
Here is how:

  • In order to do so you will first need to temporarily recall it from distribution on the “Send” screen.

  • You can now make changes on the “Questions” and “Include” screens.
  • Once you are done re-release the survey on the “Send” screen.

Do be wary of changing the survey structure by adding questions, or answers if you have already collected responses. Doing so could create a confusing result set since the answers collected prior to the change will not match the new structure.

The following are guidelines for best results:

  • Make all the changes you want if you have not collected any responses.
  • Consider making a duplicate if you are making significant changes in the middle of data collection.
  • Make grammatical changes without concern unless the change will significantly alter the meaning of the question such that prior responses were made based on confusion, and will not match newer responses. (This goes for images as well)

Changes to the following aspects of your project can be made during distribution, and will go live immediately on save:

  • All elements found on the “Describe” screen including settings and text strings for welcome/closure messages
  • Page theming if you are using a direct link to a Pinnion hosted Landing Page
  • Survey theming
  • Language localization
  • Kiosk mode setting

How do I manage the distribution of my Pinnions from a channel? (Channel Management)

You can release and recall Pinnions directly from the channel management page.

See “How do I create and configure a Channel?” for information on how to create and manage a channel and include Pinnions within it.

Now that you have some Pinnions to work with, let’s take a look at how you can actually release them. I’ve created three Pinnions to serve as an example: Favorite Color, Favorite Foods, and Favorite Sport- all of which are simple single-question Pinnions.

You can click the buttons above the Pinnions to view Pinnions in that category. The most useful feature here, however, is the ability to release or recall Pinnions with a single button click. If you mouse over the name of a Pinnion, you’ll see a new button appear.

This button will immediately release your Pinnion to the channel. If you accidentally released a Pinnion or you’d like to recall one early, a Pinnion that’s been released is highlighted in green and the release button is replaced by a recall button.

Pressing this button will recall your Pinnion from the channel immediately, regardless of when it would normally expire. A third button appears if you have active Pinnions and you mouse over another Pinnion.

Pressing this button will recall any other Pinnions you have active and release the selected Pinnion. This allows you to quickly replace a Pinnion with a single button press.

A few details worth noting:

– When you release a Pinnion through the Channel page with an expiration date that’s within 24 hours or less, its expiration date will be changed to exactly 7 days from when you release it. If you want to release a very short term Pinnion, use the Pinnion’s Send page.

– If the release date for the Pinnion isn’t in the past, it will be changed to 1 hour before the button was pressed. If you want to schedule a Pinnion to be released in the future, use the Pinnion’s Send page.

– If a user is taking a Pinnion and it’s recalled while still incomplete, the Pinnion will be closed.

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