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Today’s audiences expect everything they view on any screen to look great. Surveys that don’t adapt to today’s devices and those with poorly designed interfaces don’t cut it anymore. You’ll lose respondents in a flash and lose more than their responses, you will lose credibility as a mobile-aware brand.

Pinnion gives you complete control over every aspect of your surveys:

Use the colors, fonts, images, and logos that align with your brand.

Save your formatting choices as a theme and apply it to future surveys. Looking good has never been so fast or so easy.

  • Themed Pages

    Create rich, beautiful themes for survey landing pages.

  • Survey Theming

    Fully customize all graphical aspects of your survey including survey controls, colors, images, text and backgrounds.

  • Theme Library

    Save formatting choices as themes for easy re-use on future surveys.

  • Control

    Lock down formatting choices and themes to prevent unauthorized changes.

Custom Themes