Releasing Pinnions

Pinnions Button
After you have created your project there are several steps that should be followed in order to publish it.

  • Visit the “Include” screen.

Pinnion include screen tab

  • Select any Channels to which you wish to distribute your Project.
    • If you select a single channel, you may specify distribution criteria based on the profile survey results for the channel (if one exists). 
    • You may select multiple channels into which the project will be published, but in this case you may not specify the demographic criteria for distribution.
    • You may choose not to select any channels. In this case you will need to use the links found on the “Send” screen to distribute or embed your project.
  • Select “Save and Next” when you are finished on this screen.
  • If the system detects a shortfall of potential respondents for demographic based distribution a red alert message will appear.
    • You may choose to ignore the warning and proceed without making changes. (Fewer than the requested responses will be collected — weighting may need to be employed)
    • You may wish to expand the warning box to view the specific paths of collection that will encounter shortfalls.
    • Changes to the sample selection can be made to ensure complete data collection.
    •  Distribute to New Channel Members will allow new channel members who meet the profile criteria to be added to distribution in order to fill shortfalls.
  • Once you leave the “Include” screen you will need to visit the “Send” screen.

Pinnion Send screen

  • The following steps should be taken on this screen before your project is distributed:
    • Test the project by completing it in the preview screen.
      • Test all paths to validate that your logic is correct.
      • Search for typographical errors/ambiguity.
      • Verify proper interface selection for responses (Slider for a rating scale, radio/check for long answer option strings)
    • If distributing using a direct link, select an appropriate landing page theme, or create a new one. (This is the page on which your respondents will view your project if you distribute using the direct link)
    • Select or create localization templates to determine the appearance of your project, and specify the text for the navigation controls.
    • Set the release and closure dates and times.

Once all of these steps have been completed you are ready to “Send” or “Schedule for later distribution”. To do so, click the yellow button on the lower right of the screen.