Building a Quiz

Pinnion can be used to create quizzes and tests as easily as normal surveys. All you have to do is set a question as a “Quiz” or “Trivia” question, which gives you the ability to specify which answer(s) are correct. It also allows you to add additional text to be shown after your respondents have answered a question.

Pinnions Button

To set a question as a “Quiz” question:

  • Go to the “Questions” screen for your project.

  • Select a question for which you wish to activate the “Quiz” features from the left hand column. (List view of your questions)
  • In the center pane at the top click on the Gear icon, and select “This is a Quiz Question”.

Pinnion Quiz Advanced settings

  • As shown below, this will expand several new fields for the question.

Pinnion Quiz Settings

  • Repeat this step for each “Quiz” question in your project.