A live Pinnion CAN be altered, but there are some caveats.

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Here is how:

  • In order to do so you will first need to temporarily recall it from distribution on the “Send” screen.

  • You can now make changes on the “Questions” and “Include” screens.

  • Once you are done re-release the survey on the “Send” screen.

Do be wary of changing the survey structure by adding questions, or answers if you have already collected responses. Doing so could create a confusing result set since the answers collected prior to the change will not match the new structure.

The following are guidelines for best results:

  • Make all the changes you want if you have not collected any responses.
  • Consider making a duplicate if you are making significant changes in the middle of data collection.
  • Make grammatical changes without concern unless the change will significantly alter the meaning of the question such that prior responses were made based on confusion, and will not match newer responses. (This goes for images as well)

Changes to the following aspects of your project can be made during distribution, and will go live immediately on save:

  • All elements found on the “Describe” screen including settings and text strings for welcome/closure messages
  • Page theming if you are using a direct link to a Pinnion hosted Landing Page
  • Survey theming
  • Language localization
  • Kiosk mode setting