Pinnion offers many different data export formats

The data you collect can be viewed and filtered within the Pinnion interface, but we realize sometimes that just isn’t enough. We offer a variety of standard export formats, and can easily create a custom formatted data export or report to suit your exact needs.

Here are some of the standard data exports we offer:

  • SPSS Pre-formatted export ready to drop right in. (We include a “CodeBook’ as a companion for all of the extra data that just won’t import into SPSS)
  • CSV, you specify the delimiter you want. (We have two standard CSV reports with differnt amounts of data. Typically we ask our clients to identify which fields they would most frequently like to see, and we create one or more custom CSV exports to fit the need)
  • Printable survey structure. (Generate PDFs showing your entire survey structure including logic like question prerequisites, and max/min responses allowed)
  • Quiz report with scoring, Mean, median, high/low scores (Everything an educator needs to use Pinnion for quizzes or exams)

Free account users are only able to see their data on the Pinnion results screen, contact us to upgrade your account and unlock all of the advanced features we have to offer.

Also consider that Pinnion can easily integrate with any back-end to provide live streaming data as results are collected. Contact us to learn more.