Thank You, Apple, For Upgrading Everyone’s Game

Off the smaller topic, but dead center on the bigger one: The technology universe that we increasingly live in. One of the back stories of the current NSA eavesdropping news is the ever expanding omniscience of technology: It’s nearly everywhere we’re conscious of and, as we’re discovering, in many places we’re unaware of as well, for good and for bad.

In that vein, hats off to Apple for their presentation at WWDC today. Even without Mr. Jobs, they remain masters of the new technology event. They’ve gotten the opportunity to remain masters by delivering much more than a good show. Though we haven’t had a chance to do much more than skate the surface of the announcements (we DO have day, and often night, jobs trying to rock our own little portion of the technology world), what we’ve seen convinces us that they’ve moved the ball forward in big and small ways. Whether or not you use Apple products, you’ll be affected by what was announced today, becausethe rest of the industry will move in response to what Apple does.

And, with extremely rare exceptions, what Apple does is not only good for Apple and for its users. It’s good for everyone that gets touched by nearly any aspect of technology.

So, a warm congratulations to Mr. Cook and Co for, once again, bringing the game-changing good, and delivered in such a lovely package too!

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