Giving Back

Pinnion is super-focused on two things: Making the authoring experience easier and faster, and making surveys look great, on any device.

But there is even more to making your surveys successful – being completed – than just great looking surveys completed efficiently.

How you present your survey makes a big difference as well. So we offer the first of a series of posts in making sure that your respondents give you what you need.

Oversharing on Facebook and twitter to the contrary – folks can be reluctant to share their information with strangers. If you want the type, and volume, of responses that can make a meaningful difference in your business, you need to consider the following ideas about your survey.

Why Should I? What’s in it for your respondents to fill out the survey? Sure, you want the info. But what do they get out of it? Many respondents are satisfied with the vague sense of ‘being heard’ and ‘making their opinion count.’ You can make that point meaningful by including the following type of text in your survey.

Make it easy for me. Market researchers have been interrupting respondents for decades. It’s a almost staple joke on the stand-up circuit. You can stop interrupting your respondents by giving them more control over where and when they answer your questions. That remarkable little phone/computer/camera that’s with them all the time? That’s a great place to start. Almost $100 Billion of app sales tells us that folks like doing things on their phones. Why don’t you make your survey one of them?

Better yet, back it up. Create some space on your site for showcasing customer feedback – and how it’s changed how you do business. Create the formula My Voice + Their Ear = Positive Action. Most people want to be part of positive change: It makes them feel heard and it makes them part of something better.

You can give your respondents that opportunity. They’ll repay you with enthusiastic completes.

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