A Busy Summer at Pinnion = Better Surveys

Multi-language authoring

Add unlimited languages to each survey.

We’ve had a busy summer. With the addition of some great programming talent, Pinnion has added the following features, which are already helping our customers get more out of Pinnion, and more information faster from their market research efforts:

  • Answer and Question rotation
  • Answer Weighting
  • Weighting-Driven Logic
  • Multi-Language Authoring and Distribution, with “Translator Mode”
  • Email Notifications
  • CRM Integration
  • Results timeline (view results from specific periods in the response cycle)
  • Text Overlay on images answer type
  • Response Ranking
  • Touch to confirm, and advance on select for faster survey completion

Coming up in the next month are even more, including even richer formatting of your surveys to help you create exactly the look you want for every aspect of your surveys, and the underlying web page as well.

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