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New Website, New Ways of Thinking About Pinnion

We refreshed our website yesterday. We’re pretty pleased with the new look. We’re even more pleased with the new content. In the last few months, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to note customer’s reactions to Pinnion. Founded as a straightforward market research authoring, distribution and measurement tool, Pinnion is being increasingly seen by customers and potential […]

Thank You, Apple, For Upgrading Everyone’s Game

Off the smaller topic, but dead center on the bigger one: The technology universe that we increasingly live in. One of the back stories of the current NSA eavesdropping news is the ever expanding omniscience of technology: It’s nearly everywhere we’re conscious of and, as we’re discovering, in many places we’re unaware of as well, […]

You’re doing mobile surveys, whether you know it or not

The trend is undeniable. Overall web access is moving mobile. More and more people, particularly young people, are using their phones as their only access to the web and email. Which means if you’re sending them surveys, they’re seeing them on their phone. Whether or not your survey are designed for phones, that’s where they’re […]

Giving Back

Pinnion is super-focused on two things: Making the authoring experience easier and faster, and making surveys look great, on any device. But there is even more to making your surveys successful – being completed – than just great looking surveys completed efficiently. How you present your survey makes a big difference as well. So we […]