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New Polling and Quiz Templates

We’ve made it easier than ever to get started creating great looking polls and quizzes. With every new account, you get pre-designed templates for both polls and quizzes. And we’re just getting started. Look for new templates every week for every kind of poll, quiz and survey you can imagine. In January, we’re going to […]

Powering Time Person of the Year 2014

We’re honored to be powering Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2014 poll. Pinnion is providing: The “Face-Off” and “Yes/No” polls on Time.com’s site. Voting using the #TimePOY hashtag on Twitter and Facebook Facebook and Twitter sharing of both the poll itself and visitor’s individual voting choices on the site. Facebook and Twitter authentication for voting. […]

Starting from Scratch After Testing Your Pinnion

Thought we’d share this tidbit we’ve been using with lots of our customers recently. So, you’ve created a Pinnion and tested it with colleagues. How do you send the ‘production’ version out with a blank set of results? Pretty simple. Duplicate it. Use the “Duplicate” button at the bottom of the “Describe” screen when you’re […]

Speeding up survey response

A major cause of survey drop out is respondent fatigue. The survey just takes too long. Every extra action counts. — against you. That’s why Pinnion gives you the opportunity to do away with the submit button. Two new options give your respondents the ability to tap once, or twice, on their answer to submit […]

Teacher-friendly reporting now in Pinnion Quizzes

We’ve been seeing a lot of interest in Pinnion Quizzes. it’s been great to see the wide variety folks are creating all kinds of tests, from casual to seriously academic. We’re pleased as punch to be able help folks create and distribute tests that help them evaluate knowledge. To make all that easier, we’ve just […]

A Busy Summer at Pinnion = Better Surveys

We’ve had a busy summer. With the addition of some great programming talent, Pinnion has added the following features, which are already helping our customers get more out of Pinnion, and more information faster from their market research efforts: Answer and Question rotation Answer Weighting Weighting-Driven Logic Multi-Language Authoring and Distribution, with “Translator Mode” Email […]

New options for response confirmation

Exciting news: We’ve just released four new options for response confirmation. We created these to give you and your respondents more flexibility in how they navigate through the survey. Notice the new options at the bottom of the Questions page: Tap to confirm: After the respondent clicks an answer, they tap it again to confirm […]