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An authoring, delivery and measurement platform for surveys, quizzes, feedback, polls and much more.

  • Code Free Authoring

    Pinnion cuts the time, cost and effort of creating great looking, sophisticated surveys that work on any device. And the logic you expect without a line of code.

  • Live Preview at every step

    See what your respondents will see as you author.  Identify and fix problems as you go.

  • Look Great on Any Device

    Pinnion is designed from the ground up to make surveys look great wherever they appear: Apps, Mobile Web, Dekstop Web and SMS.

  • Panel Growth and Management

    Use Channels to manage your existing sample or grow it with new groups of respondents. Channel Member Profile data can be used for sophisticated respondent selection, quota management, and distribution.

  • Distribution

    Schedule precise dates and times for publication and expiration. Segment your sample and set advanced quotas for data collection.

  • Metrics and Results

    View results in real-time. Filter and present data while your surveys are live. Export to Excel, SPSS. Custom reports can be created to your specifications. See respondent device type, location and much more.

  • Licensing and Pricing

    Our pricing is highly competitive, flexible and results-driven. You only pay for the results Pinnion delivers, not the privilege of having a license. Contact us today for a free trial account and to discuss how Pinnion can help you get better results, for a smaller investment than you’re making now.

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